Strandbadlakan sommaren 2016

Giftcard - A much appreciated summer gift

To give away a giftcard from Vinga as a summer gift is very much appreciated by employees and customers. We have a very wide assortment and alot of different brands with many different choices. This allows the receiver of the card to always find something that they like. We can also offer a special design of the cards and a personal ordering page from a small number of cards which makes the gift more personal and the message to your employess and customers clearer.

Gåvokort Klassisk - En perfekt gåva till kunder!


Price € 29,90 Freight € 9,90 /card

Gåvokort Regal - Vingas populäraste gåvokort


Price € 45,90 Freight € 9,90 /card

Lahjakortit Extra


Price € 63,90 Freight € 9,90 /card

Gåvokort Imperial - Vingas Exklusivaste gåvokort


Price € 127,90 Freight € 9,90 /card