Our sustainability work

Vinga of Sweden continuously works with quality improvement and believes that quality is more than a good product, nice packaging and the joy we hope our customers feel when they get a product. Quality work for us is as much about ensuring employees in our factories so their work is safe, fair, legal and human. We are constantly striving for more environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient production and opportunities to improve our world through daily work. Vinga's CSR efforts are aimed at minimizing all the negative effects of our business and maximizing the positive ones where our long-term vision is to only create positive effects on the environment and social cohesion.

CSR - Företagssamarbete

Better opportunities for cooperation

Vinga of Sweden constantly strives to be at the forefront of CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, which is the concept that organizations should take corporate social responsibility [...]

CSR - ISO Certifiering

Controlled quality with ISO certificate

Thanks to the constant commitment to working towards fairer conditions with more efficient processes, Vinga of Sweden applies ISO certification where the vision is at the [...]

CSR - Samarbete

We cooperate with independent actors

Through a variety of collaborations, Vinga of Sweden is continuously working to improve both internal processes and environmental pressures to the social aspects of today's society [...]