Specialproduktion Ide - Vinga of Sweden


Developing a product always starts with an idea. In order to create something that both you and we can be satisfied with, we need to learn more about you and purpose of the product. We need to know about the type of product, how it will be used, if there should be any special labelling or packaging, as well as the time frame we are working with. Sometimes it is difficult to know which product is best suited for a particular purpose. We would be happy to discuss the matter with you, so we can propose tailor-made solutions for your purposes.

Specialproduktion Detaljer - Vinga of Sweden


After we have agreed how customers want their products to appear and all of the details such as colour, size, quality and packaging, we prepare a design proposal to ensure that our communication was accurate. We send a digital proposal to you for your approval.



After the digital proposal has been approved, the offer has been accepted and the order has been placed, production of the sample begins. Normal production time for a sample is between 5-10 days, depending on the type of product. A digital or physical sample is sent, depending on the time frame and quantity. When everything has been agreed, the production process is initiated.

Tryckt Handduk

Printed Towel


Relief/Embossed Towel

Invävd Handduk

Interlaced Towel

Handduk med brodyr

Embroided Towel

Brandfilt i egen design

Customised Fire Blanket

Handduk med Invävd Board

Interlaced Border Towel